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Game Of Thrones
This show is superb! While I may be bias as the book series is my favourite book series of all, I still think the show itself is fantastic! It sticks loyally to the books and doesn't "dumb things down" for a wider audience. If you are worried you won't gain the same experience by watching the show before you read the books, fear not - It's the same experience, with a different medium! Although, I guarantee, soon you will be so pulled into the world of Westeros you will run out and buy the books just to find out what happens next! Sit back and enjoy, my friends - Winter is Coming!

There never has been a sitcom that truly pictures life among the singles (twenty-something) as good as this show does. It's not just comedy, it presents the episodes in such a way that one can truly identify with the situations they face so the audience has something to talk about in coffee shops too. The humor is universal. I feel like I'm part of the group every time I watch it because I feel the different emotions they go through. Plus, of course, it is so much fun because it's fast-paced. Every scene and every moment is relative to what is going to happen next so you don't feel like it is dragging you onto nothing. Just like how a sitcom should be. Funny!

Black Mirror
In one of the earliest episodes of the television show Black Mirror, a man named Liam destroys his life through the use of a new technology. In this imagined near future, humans are able to implant tiny “grains” behind their ears that record everything the person sees and hears. The memories can be accessed with a remote control device that either replays the memories in the mind or pro­jects them onto a screen to share with others. Discovering through this device the proof of his wife’s infidelity (preserved inside her memories), Liam is driven to distraction, replaying the scenes in his head. And when the marriage dissolves, he goes mad indulging in scenes of their happier moments. Each episode of Black Mirror, streaming on Netflix, is a stand-alone story about some technological dystopia. The tone and settings of these episodes can vary from apocalyptic wasteland to family drama to murder mystery to an eerie fantasy version of our present moment—our recognizable lives, but seemingly better. Or perhaps, worse, because the characters can’t see how badly things are going.

Rick and Morty
This show is honestly great. It is easily the best animation show I have seen in a while on any network. The second the show starts you can tell that the characters fit perfectly with each other, and involved with the craziness that happens in the universe with Rick and Morty, they are immediately hilarious and extremely creative at the same time. A couple episodes in and I could tell that this was a unique show, and that people need to be watching it because it has huge potential. And with Dan Harmon writing and directing at the helm of it all, the magic that this show brings is a rare gem in television that people need to watch.. So yeah I highly suggest this show to anyone who wants a true genuine laugh at least once a week.