How Blockchain Is Changing the Banking Industry


By John Manning, International Banker

The cryptocurrency craze has been in full flow during 2017. Bitcoin seems to be setting record highs with every passing week. Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are turning traditional capital-raising on its head. And perhaps most significantly of all, blockchain technology is beginning to have a transformational impact on the world. Arguably, it’s the global banking system that could benefit the most from the implementation of this revolutionary distributed-ledger technology. Whether it’s payments, settlements or compliance, blockchain’s key properties of decentralisation, immutability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and security are leading to a growing chorus of support for the technology’s adoption across the entire spectrum of financial services; as such,the industry is now expected to undergo substantial disruption over the coming years.

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Goldman Sachs hunts AI experts for all-important quant team


By Paul Clarke

Goldman Sachs is pitting itself against tech giants like Google and Facebook to attract scarce artificial intelligence talent as it places a renewed emphasis on ensuring its sales and trading staff are given cutting-edge IT. The US investment bank, which has been described by CEO Lloyd Blankfein as a "technology company", is building its strats department, a huge division comprised of quant and technology professionals and which serves its trading businesses among other functions.

Thalia Chryssikou, co-head of global sales strats and structuring across fixed income currencies and commodities and equities, said the bank has shifted its focus towards recruiting a "new generation" of strats. "The strats we hired 10 to 15 years ago typically specialized in modeling risk and pricing analytics," she said during an interview in an email newsletter from the bank. "Today, we're focused on hiring a new generation of strats who specialize in data management and analytics, including machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), program management and digital product design, in addition to quantitative sciences. " Goldman's strats division is made up of quantitative finance, engineering and technology professionals spanning various departments across the bank's trading functions, as well as back office and compliance. It has been growing since then-chief information officer Marty Chavez was handed control of both technology and strats in 2014.

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